Friday, September 07, 2007

Stole from Victorian Lace Today

Here is the pattern at the end of the stole. I made it wider and longer than the pattern.
I have never done a drop stitch pattern before and I really enjoyed it. This is knitpicks Gossamer yarn and size 4.0mm needle.

Secret of the Stole

Here are my two swatches for the mystery stole that is starting October 4.
This one is zepher single standed.
This one is zepher douple stranded. I might do it double to get a bit more width to my stole. I will aslo be going into the city on Saturday to look for beads.

Fall colours

This is the only yarn I have in my stash that is the right weight for the next mystery shawl. The theme for the shawl is "fall". I do not think this is a very "fall" colour. It is the colour "root" from Peace Fleece. So.....
I started experimenting by combining different lace weight yarns I have.
This is two strands of brown alpaca and one strand of Zepher Copper.

This is one strand of brown alpaca and one strand of Zepher copper and one strand of Zepher Curry.
This is two strands of Zepher Copper and one strand of Zepher Curry.

The softest ofthese is the three strands of Zepher and as you add more alpaca it gets rougher. These were all knit on a size 5.5mm needle.

The mystery shawl starts on September 15 so I have to decide soon.