Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Getting ready.

Janice bleached Jocelyne's hair so the colour would take better. Where there is blond now, will be pink. Isn't this fun?

Look, her eyes match her hair! I could have taken the red yey out but this is more fun this way.
This was done backstage at the show on Sunday.

Coloured but not cut. On the drive home Sunday night. We needed to bew back early Monday morning for the competition. It looks kind of red in this photo but it is really bright pink.

This is Monday morning, dressed and getting her makeup on. Competition is in 1/2 hour.

Ready! Set! Go!!!

Jocelyne and Janice all set up and ready to go. Hair needs to be wet and combed straight back to start. Makeup done first. Just don;t mess it up when you are cutting. Her eyeshadow maches her dress and her lipstick matches her hair. Cool!

The perfect model!

This is the ABA Hair Show in Winnipeg. The competitors have finished cutting and styling the hair and now the models have to pose while the judges walk around and....judge. They are not jusr judging the hair but he complete package, hair cut. hair style, hair colour, makeup, clothes, pose, etc. Here is a close up of the back of the hair. This is the best picture of the colour of her hair.

It is an asymetrical cut. This is the longer side.

This is the shorter side. The colour is too red here. It is really the pink like above. The lady in the background is Janice, the wonderful stylist.

And. of course, the front view.

As a side note, they placed 4th.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Day

What kind of cruel joke is this. Making a snowman on April first. It just isn't right.

Hair Model

Jocelyne is going to be a hair model for a hair competition next week.
This is her with her hair bleached and pre-cut.
They will add colour on Sunday and the show will be on Monday. I can't tell you about the colour or the cut since it is a competition.

It is an asymetrical cut and will have more than one colour on it.

We go in to the city tommorrow to try on the clothes. That should be fun. She will also have to walk down the "runway" at the competition so she will hve to practice that as well.

Using Stash.

This is the Northern Lights shawl done in Rainbow Kauni yarn. It was a fun knit. It is not blocked yet.

Here is a sweater I made using some stash. I think the pattern is called Greenjeans. I used worsted weight wool from elann.comHere is a close up of the cable pattern. I learned hoe to do cables without a cable needle. What fun!

My Stash!

This is my project for the next little while. (LOL) I am going to try to get my stash under control. I have enough lace yarn alone to make at least a dozen shawls. If I make one a month that is a full year of knitting.

I had better get busy. The trick is finding the pattern and yarn that match.
What do I do with the bits that aren't enough to make anything?

Chritmas Special Shawl

The Lucky recipient of the Mystery "Christmas Special" shawl put out by Moni.
I do love her patterns.

This one really shows the pattern well.

Doesn't she look happy?