Saturday, May 07, 2005


Well, I have finally succumbed to the world online. I have just created my very own blog. And, without the help of my daughters.
I am a homeschool mom of four children and one husband. We love it.
School is almost over for the year, just one more month left.
I have been busy being a taxi for my children now that soccer has started. I have all four playing. 3 play Mon/Wed (different places) and one plays Tues/Thurs.
I have been knitting whenever I can. I just finished a sweater for my youngest and just have to sew together a sweater for my eldest. Now I am trying to knit something for me. I started the Crayon Box Jacket and was not happy with the first sleeve so I have put that aside. I then started a Swing Jacket but found that the yarn I purchased was the wrong size. Now I am attempting to make a lightweignt sweater.
I will post photos when I get some.

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