Monday, July 25, 2005

Kat's Moebius neck ring. Made with Red Heart Acrylic on size 5.5mm needles. Modeled by my 12 yr old. Not blocked yet. Posted by Picasa

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Debi said...

Hi Colette-

I couldnt find an email addy for you so here I am!

If you want to crochet beads on knitting you need a VERY small crochet hook...I used a #10 for the 3/0 beads on my Kiri, and I use a #12 for 6/0 beads on sport weight (socks usually) and #13 for 8/0 seed beads on fingering weight.
I get my crochet hooks and beads here:
if you want to chat about this email me at
Thanks for the compliments on my Kiri!!