Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Feather and fan shawl from GOL

Well I have finished this never ending shawl. By the end there were about 2000 stitches per round. Took me about an hour per round. I thought this would be a bigger shawl but it turned out quite small. Too small for me so I am giving it away to a very deserving friend.
The blocking was a pain due to the edging. Each little loop needed to be pinned out.
You can see the colour change when I changed skeins {the joy of hand painted}. I alternated the skeins for a while to ease the transition. I think it looks pretty cool this way. Let's say I did it on purpose.
Enjoy the photos.


Theresa said...

All of your shawls are beautiful and I've been enjoying your blog this morning, but this feather and fan one is gorgeous!!!

tweezle said...

Just gorgeous!!! I'm ooooohing and aaahhhhing all over it!