Sunday, February 25, 2007

Justifiable Homicide?

What do you think? Is this reason enough to kill my cat?
I spent the last week working on the border of this shawl. It is Frost Flowers and Leaves and has taken me a year, or so, to knit it. I have been working so hard to get all my UFOs done. I fionally finished this and left it on the back of the couch overnight before I blocked it in the morning. This is what I found! To kill, or not to kill? The only saving grace is that I don't think he tore into the main part of the shawl, just the border. I should be able to redo this section and it look OK. I am just so tired of this border.
Maybe I will tackle it tomorrow. (the shawl, not the cat)
OK I'll let the cat live......this time.

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