Wednesday, April 25, 2007

more chemo caps

Here is a cap made with Noro silk garden. It is a simple roll brim hat. I love the colours that Silk garden comes in. What a great way to try some new expensive yarns. It only takes one ball of yarn.

Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be hats. This looks like some kind of animal. LOL


prairiegirl said...

Wow! You've been knitting your sister's caps like a fiend! She'll have one for every day of the month at the rate you're going on them!!

prairiegirl said...

Hi Colette!

Hope all is going ok and your sister is doing alright with her treatments. I'm sure you're very busy these days, but if you need a mindless diversion, I've tagged you! You can head on over to my blog for the rules! Like Kristina who tagged me, I'm just trying to avoid bad knitty karma by passing this along! :)

N. Maria said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing!
I knit some caps for a friend of my SIL's who was going through treatment. I told her once she didn't need the caps anymore, to return them and I would repurpose them into scarves for her. She did just that and loves her fancy scarves!