Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yarn For 2 new shawls

I was having fun trying out some dyes I have. I am ready to start two new shawls. Another mystery shawl and the Icelandic Lace shawl. Who says you can knit too many shawls? And is there any rule that says how many shawls you are allowed on the needles at one time. (Assuming you have an endless supply of needles.)
The red yarn was dyed using "Cherry Red". Now that it is out of the water and almost dry it looks almost more pinkish than red. I also wanted some variation in colour and I got it. One skein even looks like it has a bit of purple in it. I am excited about knitting with it to see how it knits up.
I am also wondering how the diffent colours for the Icelandic shawl will go together. The pattern is pretty stripy.

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N. Maria said...

Your colors are absolutely, stunningly, beautiful! They are so bright and wonderful, too! Ooooo!
I'm on the Icelandic Lace Shawl group, too. Can't wait to get started.