Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mystery stole blocking

Here is my finished mystery stole on the blocking pads.
I did use beads and they look great on the stole, you just can't see tehm in the photos.
I used two different coloured beads. One colour (darker than the yarn) along the edges and then a shinny same-colour-as-yarn bead for the inside areas of the yarn.
I really enjoyed putting beads into my knitting. I have never done that before but I will do it again. I put them on using a crochet hook and found it really easy to do.

I like both ends of the stole but I'm not sure I like them together.
I really like the pattern fro the wing and will probably use it again.
I also like the triangular end.

Thnaks to melanie at Pinklemonknits for another interesting mystery knit along.

1 comment:

N. Maria said...

Your stole is beautiful!
I'm with you on your thoughts about the stole....both ends are very nice but, maybe, not together.
I still need to block it and post it on my blog.