Sunday, January 08, 2006

Update on Barbara's knee injury

We finally got the results back for my daughters MRI. I will do a brief recap since it has been so long. (Wonderful Canadian Health system) In June 2005 my daughter (age 14) fell and injured her knee playing soccer. (dislocated her knee cap). She had blood drained from under her knee cap, a full leg cast for a couple of weeks, physio therapy for the rest of the summer and then she had to wait for an MRI. It was scheduled for November 7 and then postponed till Dec 23. We just got the results. All this time she has been getting around wearing a brace on her leg.
The results were not as good as we had hoped. She has a complete tear of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) with fraying and retraction of the ligament fibres. It also looks as if a piece of bone has broken off with it (avulsion-type fracture).
Typically the bone is reattached using a screw and the ligaments fixed using tendons. I don't have any details yet but do know that surgery is involved. When? Who knows.
We are all a little stressed around here right now because of it but do know it will be OK eventually.
With the extent of the damage we are greatful that Barbara has not been in pain the whole time. (only occasionally) and can walk and run and work, etc. We are also greatful that through this we have found a great family doctor and a wonderful specialist to look after her. Our church family has been very supportive through this and continues to be so.
Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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David said...

Hi there,my name is david and had a similiar injury as your daughter and I am in a full leg cast and that really stinks and might need surgery.How is she healing?