Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SP8 Questionaire

1) What is your favorite season of the year?

2) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Camping in a tent by a beach

3) If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
I haven't been to Australia or the South Pacific yet so that is where I would like ot visit.

4) If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be?
Fleece Artist hand dyed yarn, Baby Kid or Kid Silk

5) If you won a shopping spree to your favorite yarn store, what would you get?

Lace weight yarn, Fleece Artist wool, Zepher, Silk, Denise Knitting needles, cashmere, Big Girl Knits, Shawl patterns, etc., etc., etc. (How much is this winning spree, anyway?)

1 comment:

Bonnie D. said...

Can you please check your email regarding the Tote Exchange? I have been trying to contact you to see if you've received your package. Thanks!