Thursday, July 27, 2006


This week I have decided to work on my UFOs. (that's UnFinished Objects, for you non knitters). I am up to the edging on my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl. I am also back working on my Starfish Shawl from Just One More Row. I haven't worked on these since last fall.
I also want to finish my Mystery shawl 4. I am on the 4th repeat of clue 4. I will probably do at least one more repeat.
I figure, if I get these finished, then I will feel less guilty about all the new projects I am starting. OK, who am I kidding....what guilt?
This is a good time to work on UFOs since I am on a yarn diet. Not allowed to buy anymore yarn till at least January. Donations accepted. LOL. Will knit for yarn. LOL
Happy knitting all and God Bless....Colette

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