Monday, June 27, 2005

My daughter sporting her new brace. Posted by Hello


Shez75 said...

Your shawls/scarves/poncho's and top are beautiful! The knee doesn't look so great, but here's hoping for a quick recovery! Happy Knitting!

Andrea said...

I'm sending good vibes to your daughter's knee - I had knee surgery in May as a result of a torn ligament while skiing in April, and knee stuff is NO FUN! The first doctor I saw at an emergency clinic just kinda blew me off, so I went to a sports medicine physical therapist and an orthopedic surgeon, and they had to send me for an MRI to confirm the torn ligament. I mention all this because I was clueless about who I was supposed to see and what the process was, and wish someone had offered me some advice. But then, hopefully, you have a good doctor doing that already. :)

Take care, and by the way, your knitting is beautiful - I surfed over from Summer of Lace.