Thursday, June 15, 2006

Here is all the yarn I can use for the Pinwheel sweater. What colours should I use? Posted by Picasa


EvaLux said...

Wow... you're not making this easy LOL :) I would go for different shades of the same color :) Actually, I'd go for the blues, and throw in that raspberry pink of the bottom row in for 1 accent row somewhere.

Cheers Eva

Martha said...

All you need is some eggplant and you're done! The pattern needs 7 colors, and you've got a rainbow run there from fuschia through purple and blue to teal. The only missing link is Elann's eggplant; right between that bright purple and the deep blue. would go like this (I don't know the real names of the skeins in your picture so bear with my names. Eggplant is the real name of the missing link though)
dark blue
dark teal
lighter teal

If you don't want the round center to be fuschia, just reverse the color progression. And if you don't want a rainbow progression, then mix em up a little It would be super pretty no matter the order of the above colors. They all go together beautifully!

(I found you via Ample Knits list)

Rosie said...

OK, I totally agree with Martha, but then again, those are "my" colors. I read somewhere that adding the lime green makes the other colors pop, and you do have that available, but I'm just not a lime green gal. I think the fuschia and raspberry are enough to pop with the others. Purples, blues and teals are what I'm all about right now.

This remindes me of the Blueberry Jam Kit I have in my stash.
I have a friend who oredered it with the greens replaced by a fuschia.

Bonnie Vavra said...

I like the the purple to blue ranges with the rose or lime green thrown in for wow!! You wouldn't have to buy much anyway. You have been on my favorite list but I heard about the contest on the EZAspi list.

op said...

Hi, I am on ESasPI also, that is where I heard about your contest. I would put the brightest yellow in the center and then the one by it, then the lighest blue, the brightest blue the purple and then the teal, I would alternate the purple and teal on the outer edges.


Nancy J said...

Use: the middle purple, medium teal (2nd from right, top), deeper teal (nest to other teal), darkest yellow and lime green!

Kat said...

I like the idea of it being (somewhat) monochromatic with a "zinger" thrown in. How about those pink, wine, and purple skeins on the top row, with maybe that purplish-one on the bottom row, with a green thrown in as a small stripe? Yellow would be a good alternate zinger.

I don't think you'd necessarily want to do a rainbow for you--I think rainbows are cute on little kids but as an adult I'm not crazy about wearing one! ;-)

Whatever you choose, I recommend going with something *YOU* would wear--it's a dramatic garment and you don't want *it* to wear *you.* LOL!!

I'm having a color/yarn dilemma, too....

I heard about your contest on the EZasPi list, but you're on my list of blogs I check regularly. Congrats on the weight loss!!!!

kirsikirby said...

if your numbered your balls from left to right so I say. in the center uprow number 6, then uprow 3,2,4, downroad number 3,2,1, uprow 1. Or you could start with uprow number 5, and then as I write up there. can anybody understand what i mean? I am also in Ezaspi group

trek said...

I'd go with the teal blues in the top row (last 2) plus the yellows in the bottom and the magenta (center top) and rose (3rd in from the left bottom) and the navy blue.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Do you have one of those tiny kaleidescopes that you can buy for kids in the educational store? If you do, put several of your colors together and then take a look through the kaleidescope. Put other colors in and/or take out the colors that you don't like. It's fun to do and you can get a good sense of what works and what doesn't. A lot of quilters use this idea. I have an awful time putting color together...what I think works well ends up just looking "eh" together. The kaleidescope makes a big difference! Kate/Massachusetts

Coggietm/Michigan said...

You have 5 different shades of blue there , you could do a monochromantic light to dark or darl to light , depending on what looks better near you face.

celia said...

I would go with a pink/purple theme or a blue theme. In either case, I would probably add a round of a different colour for accent around the edge. If it were the blue themed colours, I think the brown would make a nice accent. If you go with the pink/purple colours, a dark blue may be nice.

have fun choosing.. it's always so hard!

Gloria in Georgia said...

I'm on EZ as PI list with you. I like the three blues at the top, plus the brown and the green. You are getting some good color combination hints from everyone.
Anxious to see what you decide on.

Tropic-Knitter said...

I would group gold, royal blue, and magenta. I'm an architectural design artist. My eyes see royal blue and gold providing a deep-tone rich background. Adding the magenta, which is also a deep tone, would give it color balance and flair and a regal edginess.

I wouldn't be shy with this combination. If additional colors are necessary, I'd use either one of 2 deep-tone purples or the navy blue.

Just my pinwheel vision. Looks like great yarn to work with. I'll enjoy seeing the progress photos on your blog.



Anonymous said...

I like the blue/teal combination and the pink/mauve combo.

Anny said...

Is it for you or for a little one? I think that a "flowery" progression would be extra cute on a little girl:

Sunflower idea:
brown centre yellow petals (really subtle gradation from lightest to darkest yellow in your stash)
lime green representing leaves around the edge

Echinacea flower idea:
gold center (gradation from darkest to lightest yellow in your stash)
green edges and sleeves

Rhonda said...

Have you decided on your colors yet? Would love to know what you picked. I'm getting ready to block mine tomorrow. It's for a baby granddaughter.