Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Home Safe and Sound

Hi All,
I am thrilled to have my husband and daughter back from Romania safe and sound. They arrived home on Monday night, right on schedule (which is amazing with Air canada). They are adapting to the 8 hour time change and are full of wonderful, and sometimes heartbreaking, stories about their time in the orphanages.
With them gone I have not had much time to knit, but I have been working in the yard. I planted a flower garden as well as a vegetable garden.
We had wonderful people look after us with them gone. We had a lot of people drop in and others invite us over. That made the two weeks go by faster.
My youngest (5 yrs old) has just broken out with chicken pox today and has a bit of a fever. He is not feeling like himself and so I am getting lots of cuddle time. He even slept on my lap for an hour. If he is not up and running about we know something is wrong.
My father and his wife come to visit on Friday for a week. They are from Florida and we ahve not seen them in almost 3 years. The children are really excited to see their grandparents again.
I hope to get back to knitting soon. I really miss it, but it can wait better than the garden can.
Well that's all the news for now.
With my daughter back (and her camera) I hope to post some photos soon.
God bless you all.....................Colette

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